a house of his glory

As the praises of My people are in this place, so shall My glory be!

21 Days of Fasting and Prayer
January 1-21
What is Fasting All About?
Many of us have either rarely or never participated in a fast and have questions about what fasting involves and why it is
important. While Jesus never commanded us to fast, He clearly expected His followers to fast (Matthew 6:16; 9:15), and fasting was a vital part of the early church (Acts 13:2-3).
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Practical Guide to Fasting.


We desire to be a House of His Glory, creating an atmosphere of praise, prayer, and worship to encounter the Presence of God together. In the Presence of Jesus, we are changed. Our gatherings are a celebration of all that God is doing as our lives align with God's Purposes for His Kingdom on earth. We want you to know the Father's heart for you and those you love!
  • In the Presence of Jesus lives are saved, sickness is healed, and souls are set free.
  • We invoke the Presence of Jesus with songs and singing. (Psalm 22:3)
  • We will bring our songs of thanksgiving-prayers into His Gates. (Nehemiah  12:8, Psalm 95:2)
  • We will sing ourselves into His Presence. (Psalm 100:2)
  • We will continue to agree with the angels and creatures in heaven who are singing now and eternally, and we join their Eternal Song of HOLY unashamed and unafraid! (Revelation 4)

Island Church Celebrates 100 Years


Our vision to be a House of His Glory is more important than ever. We cannot go wrong by leading with His Presence, and we are wrong to minimize it! Join us in pursuit of the Presence of Jesus Christ!

We care about the physical and spiritual well-being of everyone who chooses to attend. We honor that some have different health and family considerations when choosing to gather. Please do not attend if you are sick or have been around others that you know are sick. We ask you to honor each others' opinions and conscience on social distance, masks, and contact as it pertains to their personal expression of faith, worship, and assembly. We can all be unified in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, King of all kings, nation, tribe and tongue!


Join us online to pray in our Online Prayer Room (via Webex)!
Every day at 8:00 am.

A Note from Pastor Jenni

We believe there could be more waves of crisis.
Read Jenni's brief encouragement on how to prepare for what's coming!

Pastors Grant & Jenni Brewster

 For 19 years, Pastors Grant and Jenni have led our Bainbridge Island family to connect with God and one another. They desire to build atmosphere for you to encounter the Holy Spirit, growing in your intimacy with Jesus, empowering all to be world changers! They were called to the island from Christchurch, New Zealand, and have three children and five grandchildren.